List of Selected Artists for Lianzhou Foto 2019


This year's Lianzhou Foto Open Call has attracted nearly 1000 artists from home and abroad, and finally 12 artists are selected by the curatorial team. Selected works will be exhibited in Lianzhou Foto 2019 which will open on Nov. 29, 2019.

Name List

Liu Ke & Huang Huang Mirror

Liang Yingfei Behind the Scar

Chen Dandizi

The Other Side of the River: Talking Flower video screen capture

Spring Flamingo video screen capture

The Other Side of River video screen capture

Xin Liu Moment of Liverpool Waterfront

video screen capture

Kanthy Peng Another Awaiting Stone

Guo Yanxin Tales of the Invisible

Wang Hanlin

Oyun_erdene Nukong Buir

Jiao Dongzi Father's Village

Cheng Gong Decalog

Zhang Yuming Culture Walls

Gao Zhaoyan Flower Trees

The complete list of participant artists of Lianzhou Foto 2019 will be announced in the press conference in the middle of October. Thanks to the active participation of photographers and artists.