Lianzhou Foto Festival 2018 "The Wind of Time"


The age of the Capitalocene seems, today, to be reaching its climax, as it offers glimpses of its limits. Young people and future generations are now faced with the incredible challenge of a future that has to be rehabilitated and reinvented, with the exhortation to react to a situation which they are merely the heirs of. Artists today are investigating a world far more than describing it, not to offer us its keys or dictate a moral stance that is too obvious, but to give us the factors capable of questioning the present—and thinking about the future. Their activities reside on the fringe of anthropology, the documentary, and art, and offer us a reading of the offbeat world, breaking with the one suggested by political argument and media commentary. 

 The theme exhibition 'The Wind of Time' of Lianzhou Foto Festival 2018 will gather the work of 25 local and international photographers, all investigating the ways we have shaped our world to fit our modern needs, technological ambitions, globalized and liberal ideals - and how in turn, this new modern world has shaped us, impacted labour and trade, modified the way we interact and occupy space. Curated by French curator Jérôme Sother, the theme exhibition will present artists such as Mathieu Pernot, Mohamed Abakar, Jacqueline Hassink, Yann Mingard, Oliver Sieber, Zhou Tao, Tom Wood, Salvatore Vitale, David de Beyter, Eline Benjaminsen, Lau Wai and more. 

The festival will also present two group exhibitions of emerging Chinese photographers, 'The Card Players' curated by Hu Hao gathers five artists: Amos Dai, Dust Deng, Ken Li, Yuan Xiaopeng, and Zhang Zhizhou, a group of new generation Chinese photographers who see photography as a tool to interrupt, reorganize or even invent a new process of image-making.'Inside the Labyrinth of Knossos’, an exhibition curated by He Yining and presenting six multi-media artists (Cheng Xinhao, He Bo, Jiang Yuxin, Li Junnan, Zhu Lanqing, Zhu Taole) constructs complex visual narratives through different media, echoing the intricacies of the mythological maze. 

Other highlights include ‘Another Way of Telling’, an exhibition curated by Karen Smith and gathering British Artists Anna Fox and Karen Knorr, and a group show titled  'Uncontrolled Body’ with Mikiko Hara, Nguan and Tang Zhijie, curated by Jin Dan, featuring the work of three asian photographers finding representations of truth in seemingly ordinary scenes. The festival will also present the residency project of experimental musician and photographer Li Jianhong, organized by music critic Zhang Xiaozhou. Other solo exhibitions will be devoted to artists Paulo Coqueiro, Koji Onaka, Chen Xiaoyi, Louis Quail, Qiu, Zhang Kechun, Shi Zhen among others. The full artists list will be published late October.

Lianzhou Museum of Photography, the first public museum dedicated to contemporary photography in China, will celebrate the beginning of his winter program with four new exhibitions (Han Lei, Yann Mingard, Erwin Blumenfeld and Ke Peng) opening on the same day as the festival on December, 1st.

The fourteenth edition of Lianzhou Foto will celebrate its opening on Dec. 1st, 2018 to Jan. 3rd, 2019 in the city of Lianzhou. It will present nearly eight thousand photographs, created by established and emerging photographers from around the world. The opening week will bring together the international and local photography scene around one theme exhibition, over 30 group and solo shows and Lianzhou Museum of Photography's winter program. It will be a bustling moment of exchange around 
guided exhibition tours, talks, portfolio review sessions, a concert and an opening ceremony. More than two thousand artists, critics, collectors and academics are expected to attend the festival.

Director: Duan Yuting 

Theme Exhibition Curator: Jérôme Sother, France 

Curatorial Team: Dieter Neubert, Germany / Karen Smith, UK / Hu Hao, China /  He Yining, China / Yan You, China / Zhang Xiaozhao, China / Guo Xiaohui, China / Ni Liang, China / Jin Dan, China


Advising Organization:Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture 

Hosting Organizations: 

People’s Government of Qingyuan Municipality / People’s Government of Lianzhou Munici-pality  / China Artistic Photography Society  

Organizing Organizations:

Guangzhou Wuguan Cultural Development 

Co.,Ltd Co-organizing Organization:Guangdong Provincial Foreign Affairs Office 

Publishing Partner: China Nationality Art Photography Publishing House  

International PR:Catherine Philippot-Relations Media 

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