Reality is what resists

—Bruno Latour

Reality is what resists —Bruno Latour The eruption of the Tambora volcano in 1815 covered the world with an ash-filled sky. But the eruption was not powerful enough to upset man’s 19th century itinerary… For many, it was even the catalyst for the invention of science-fiction—Mary Shelley, a well-off young Englishwoman on holiday in Switzerland, made the most of that sunless summer to shut herself away in her chalet and write Frankenstein: a frightening story which starts in a strange premonition with an encounter with a man adrift on a block of ice… Several industrial revolutions later, the accelerating technologies and changes in our societies have merely grown faster, to the point of verging on spiralling out of control: demographic explosion, population movements, far-reaching changes in the world of labour, artificial intelligence, high frequency trading, the disappearance of biodiversity, and the exhaustion of religions and ideologies…Youth and future generations are facing the amazing challenge of a future to be re-invented. Artists do not have the power to decipher the future, but they can analyze the past and, show us, sometimes in an anxious way, the factors which may help us to question the present—and think about the future.



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