2018  Lianzhou Foto Festival Potfolio Review

The “Portfolio Review” is the core project of many international photography exhibitions such as the Foto Fest, the Spanish Photography Festival and the Arles Photography Festival. It aims to offer photographers and artists professional help about exhibitions, publications, creations, etc. Participants have the opportunity to directly talk with experts of image art in the fields of curatorial, commentary, publishing and marketing, and listen to their opinions and get their help.

The 2018 Lianzhou Foto Festival will continue to hold the “Portfolio Review” project, which is dedicated to building a first-class international communication platform to promote the prosperity of photography. According to international practice, “Portfolio Review”will invite influential curators, publishers, and photo critics from famous art galleries, foto festivals, foundations, galleries and publishing institutions from all over the world  to form a strong team. They will communicate with participating photographers face to face ,  providing them with professional reviews and career planning for artistic creation, establishing a docking platform for their career development. And also for Chinese artists and photographers, experts team can provide direct opportunities about various exhibitions, gallery representations and publications at home and abroad.

Steven Evans 

Executive Directorof Foto Fest

Dewi Lewis

Founder and Director of Dewi Lewis Publishing

Marieke Wiegel

Exhibition Director of Nederlands Fotomuseum

Benoit Baume

Founder ofFisheye,Senior Media Expert

Iris Sikking

Independent Curator 

Song Sujong

Co-Founder of Seoul Lunar Foto Festival, Curator of Korea National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Dave Shelley

Co-Founder of Photovelle, Creative Producer for United Photo Industries

Beate Cegielska

Art Director of Galleri Image

Fiona Shields

Head of Photography, Guardian News & Media

Annika Klein

Editor of Aperture

Carlos Carvalho

Documentary Photographer, Co-Founder and Coordinator of FestFoto

Michel Philippot

Photography Critic of Le Monde,Independent Curatorial Consellor

Bao Kun

Curator, Photography Critic

Duan Yuting

Founder & Director of Lianzhou Foto Festival

Co-Founder & Co-Director of Lianzhou Museum of Photography

Kuo Li-Hsin

Critic, Scholar

Lee Wei-I

Founder & Chief Editor of Voice of Photography

Yanyou Yuan Di

Founder and Director of Jia Za Zhi Photo Book Library

Hai Jie

Independent Curator & Photo Critic, Academic Host of Photography is Art

Shu Yang

Independent Curator, Art Critic, Artist

He Yining

Scholar of Photography History, Curator

Shen Chen

Curator of White Space