2017 Your Selfie Stick (And You) Theme Exhibition

Mine, Yours or Theirs?

With the photographs, drawings and notes taken from a personal album of memories, Yuki Naito aspires to make the transition from ‘I’ to ‘We’ without the mediation of aesthetic judgements. To do this, the artist links together snapshots without any apparent interest, stripped of formal mannerisms and easily associated with visual annotations of the everyday. The sequencing of this collage is largely left to chance: in a way, the aim is to reproduce how memories emerge from our subconscious, affirming the empathetic properties of photography and its capacity to act as a spontaneous switch activating our memory.

The fragility of what we retain finds substance in the use of drawing, the presence of which affirms the randomness of details in the hierarchy of forget.

This proposal invites the spectator to contemplate and participate in this process of visualisation – fleeting and elusive – that casts the chronology of events off as a marginal procedure in the processing of memories.

Text written by Alejandro Castellote

Mine, Yours or Theirs? ©️Yuki Naito