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Academic Committee

Academic  Committee


Bao Kun

Established scholar, Photography and Culture Critic

Beate Cegielska (Denmark)

Director of Galleri Image

Chen Weixing

Professor of the School of International Communication at Communication University of China

Chen Xiaobo

Chief Editor at Xinhua News Agency, Photo Critic, Curator

Deng Qiyao

Scholar of Anthropology, Deputy Director of the School of Communication and Design at Sun Yat-Sen University

Duan Yuting

Photography Critic, Curator and Director of Lianzhou Foto

Dong Bingfeng

Curator, Researcher of Intermedia Art Research Center, CAA

Fan Lin

Professor of Art History at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Art Critic

Fei Dawei

Art Critic and Curator

Feng Yuan

Scholar of Urban planning and design, Director of the School of Communication and Design at Sun Yat-Sen University

François Cheval (France)

Co-Director of LMP, Co-Founder of The Red Eye,

Former Director of Musée Nicéphore Niépce

Frederick C.Baldwin (USA)

Chairman and Co-founder of Fotofest

Gao Shiming

Vice President of China Academy of Art , Deputy Director of the School of Art Humanity at China Academy of Fine Art, Thesis Director


Gong Yan

Director of Power Station of Art, Chief Editor of "Art World" Magazine

Gu Zheng

Professor of the School of Journalism at Fudan University, Photography Critic and Curator

Kuo Li-Hsin

Taiwanese Scholar, Professor and Chair of the Department of Radio & Television at National Chengchi University

Hu Wugong

Photo critic, Chairman of the Photographer's Association of Shaanxi

Jin Yongquan

Chief Editor of "China Photography" Magazine

Kristine Kern (Denmark)

Art Historian, Director of Fotografisk Center Copenhagen

Lesley A.Martin(USA)

Publisher of Aperture Foundation

Leo Rubinfien (USA)

Photo curator, critic and photographer

Li Jiejun

Photographers' association chairman of Guangdong Province, Deputy Chief Editor of New Express

Mao Weidong

Curator, Translator, Photo Critic,


Peter Pfrunder (Switezerland)

Director and Curator of Swiss Foundation for Photography


Pi Daojian

Art Critic and Curator


Qiu Zhijie

Curator, Artist, Dean of CAFA School of Experimental Art


Robert Pledge (USA)

President & Editorial Director of Contact Press Images

Shu Yang

Executive Director of Xi'an Art Museum, Photo Critic and Curator

Song Sujong (Korea)

President of Research and Publications at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Wang Baoguo

Deputy Editor in Chief of《Chinese Photographers》Magazine,Photography Critic

Wang Nanming

Art Critic and Curator

Wendy Watriss (USA)

Curator,Co-founder of Fotofest

Wen Danqing

Chief Director of "China Photography" Magazine

Yang Xiaoyan

Deputy Director of the School of Communication and Design at Sun Yat-Sen University


Zhu Dake

Professor at Tongji University, Established Scholar and Cultural Critic