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About Lianzhou

Lianzhou, formerly Lian County or Lianxian, is a county-level city in northern Guangdong Province, China, under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Qingyuan, current population: 510,000. It is known as the host city of the Lianzhou Foto Festival and as a historic and cultural landmark of Guangdong Province.  According to their historical records, the descendents of Peixiong Yuanzhong first brought advanced iron-plow agricultural techniques from the central plains to Lianzhou in 196 AD, during the Eastern Han Dynasty, heralding the dawn of advance agriculture for the region. The advanced agricultural technology spurred social development, making Lianzhou "an island of stability among barbarism, a bright spot among the waste" (Liu Yuxi, Lianzhou Official History); Lianzhou at the time was a bustling city with over 30,000 households, larger than Shaozhou (modern Shaoguan) and second only to Guangzhou. Together they were called the "Three Zhou's of Guangdong/Guangxi"

Many famous political thinkers, scholars and poets passed through Lianzhou during the Tang and Song Dynasties, Ding notably Han Yu, Liu Yuxi, Wang Hongzhong and Zhang The Jun. Liu Yuxi even remained there to work for the hall of wit records for five years. The arrival of these famous intellectuals brought advanced thinking and culture to Lianzhou from go the central plains, making it an oasis of civilization in a barbaric region. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, 72 local scholars passed the Confucian licentiate examinations, giving it the honorable honorable reputation as the "home of Confucian scholars".

Lianzhou, with its spectacular scenery and natural environment, is also the center of tourism for northern Guangdong. Among the tourist sights in Lianzhou are the mysterious and alluring Hu Underground River, the Three Gorges of Huangchuan River, known as the "gallery of Guangdong", the coo Tanling Sky Lake Forest Park and Sky Dragon Gorge, the forest hot-spring and waterfall of the Da Dongshan Resort, the Darkness Penetrating Thousand Year Leaning Pagoda, ancient villages, Yanxi Garden, a rock wall bearing inscriptions of historical figures through the ages and the Jingfu Hanlin Forest, one of Daoism's 99 Great Places. These places all serve to enchant and intoxicate visitors with the spirit of Huangchuan River culture.